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Sales – The Highs and Lows

just for the record, selling whistles like selling anything isn't all its cracked up to be. I have friends for example that work for hours getting a bid worked up on a construction job,only to have it 'shopped' out to others who then find out what it is from the sealed lipped construction company and then they undercut it and use all that work they did for their own .

Not much different with whistles I guess. One can work taking pictures for hours, cutting, cropping laeling, pricing and giving out information and for what ?? to get a low ball offer …. I think just posting and letting the cards fall where they may will be the best plan. Then everyone knows where things stand right ??

Should see some effects taking place over the next week as the website falls into place. Then the retail will be uploaded along with the other things to catch up WHEW what an ordeal !!!! Really studying deeper into some more subjects for the SPOTLIGHT and getting a little better at it– hoping to cut down on research time….

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