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scout whistle — fleur de lis

where in the world did the Fleur de Lis come from anyway ?? I see it all the time associated with scout whistles. Stamped right up front and whyyyyyy ?????

The fact that this symbol dates way back into antiquity is not really helping me on this hunt, but is interesting anyway. Again I ask — what does an iris flower have to do with scouting ?? Especially BOY scouts !!!! Not sounding like a very 'manly' direction huh ?? ( I know myself, cause I get picked on all the time for all my  plants I like to grow — bamboo, maples, tillandsias, cacti, cycads, fuscias,  well you get the picture…oh and lichens, love those rock lichens, yeah and liverworts too.) 

Seems it is more related to compasses than French coat of arms or shields or whatever else seemingly more pertinent on the world scene —– that  it was actually semi adopted for. You know, big stuff >> city emblems, countrie emblems etc.

Yup, compasses — whoda thunk ??? It was used to mark north on the compass. Well sorta. Seems it was added just above the pattern in the compass. So in a general sense, it  is a north indicator or more accurately an up pointer. Positive, almost heavenly 🙂 …. Whatever.

Baden Powell liked it doing that I guess and decided to make that a symbol he could get into for the scouts 'movement' and a directional modifier. Yah, just boils down to a pointy iris hit the spot he was looking for.

So on to the badges and on to the whistles —-  used around the world. You can see them on French scout whistles, American, British, Chinese, and on and on. >>>>>> It is ubiquitous now.

Coulda been a mountain, or a geyser, or a giant rock like down in Austraslia……… Nope, a flower….


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