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Sell, Sell, Sell

post new years now and prices dropping as usual. Boy, if I was smarter I would graph this movement and buy only in the off season. Of course rare antique whistles would pop up in the ON season wouldn't they ?? But there seems to be no pattern — except my cash flow.

The rule is always strike while the iron is hot. That can really hamper the pocket book, but what is one to do ?? Good question — sell, sell, sell it seems. If one wants to learn anything about whistles it is like the man says' you have to go through a LOT of whistles to see and compare, so why pile them up ??? Let some GO….

That being said, where does greed end and pure study, learning and recreational fun take over ?? Another good question. Apparently there is a lot of overlap. They say that 'collectors' that are compulsive NEVER get rid of anything !!! Is that true of you ?? If it is not one thing it is another to collect ?? —- Do you say " I have a LOT of 'interests' though " ……..To be sure.

Try this for a changecut back !!! Maybe just delve into one thing and do it well, or just for balanced fun. Wow, that's a challenge huh ?? I have heard that you never see a Uhaul behind a hearse. Makes sense, but to live that way ?? One would have to purge periodically. — Yup, sell off, trade off, cut back, simplify ….whatever….just some thoughts about 'collecting' verses hoarding.

Here's some check points to think about ……

buyers remorse ??

broke ??

can't remember what you have ??

duplicates, triplicates, ad infinitum ??

can't pass it up ??

never let any go ??

You OFTEN wonder why you bought the ones you did for THAT price ??

You spent MORE for a lot of crummy whistles — than for a few great ones ??


Food for thought….




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