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selling whistles

don't ya just love the auction format ??

Just place a whistle on eBay for instance. Then to sell it go to a website that hip shoots its postings with guesses and assumptions mixed with realy good whistles and other pretty good research.

 Lastly list your item with a wishful guess like —- possibly by Ward. Now it doesn't matter if Ward even made that whistle or stamp cause the word 'possible' has been inserted. You can further protect yourself by saying in the bi-lines that " I am no expert "

Makes selling soooo much easier. Always list it as very rare too. That's always a good selling point don't ya think ???

Periodically I write to the sellers to see what they say for their research—as they many times point out they did internet research. Problem with that is that they don't understand sometimes what is being said on wikipedia !!!!  Worse yet, it was written to promote something else by being tagged or a cited source ——- to drive people to another site.

All in all just muddies up the waters with misinformation. The result ?? People buy for the wrong reasons and then get burned out and don't have any fun. So they quit collecting whistles.

Do your homework….caveat emptor…..

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