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Heading to the Shows

Getting ready to take off for No.Cal antique show in Alameda. It is amazing what can be stuffed into a Saturn car !!! I get asked why such a small uncomfortable car ?? Well if one is going to live off whistle sales then he has to get 100 miles to the gallon, well 30 or over anyway. Time to dump a bunch of whistles — hopefully. Didn’t get the pictures taken over,  with WHITE backgrounds for the T Shirt order, but at least got the whistle prints back in time to take. Squeezed them into their shipping tubes — we’ll see if they are received well by the public. Do you know how HARD it is to take pix of a whistle display and still bring out the best from chrome to black oxidized brass ?? 2 YEARS on and off of bouncing light till most of the shadows are gone from the little hanging fellas and yet the high points of reflection minimzed. Thank goodness for digital !! Off to the races….

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