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signal whistle

Just can't get off this subject of grey metals used in whistle makes >>>>  when we usually see brass or nickle plated brass whistles.

Here's another…..

Pot metal, also known as monkey metal, white metal or die-cast zinc, is a colloquial term that refers to alloys that consist of inexpensive, low-melting point metals used to make fast, inexpensive castings.

There is no scientific metallurgical standard for pot metal; common metals in pot metal include zinc, lead, copper, tin, magnesium, aluminium, iron, and cadmium. The primary advantage of pot metal is that it is quick and easy to cast.

Qouted from wikipedia…

I see this used a lot on German whistles with the stamp Signal on it. You know I used to think that it was a whistle used for signalling and that was why it was stamped on it that way. And it may well have been true. However that is not what the stamp itself means.

Turns out a whistle manufacturing company in Germany named for Martin Signal made them !!! Beyond that we do see a LOT of cheaply made ones were produced. You can tell them right away from the knop —-  as it has a slightly raised shoulder and squat round knop.

The cheap ones are a dime a dozen. However one might take note that mixed in we also see nickle plated brass ones that are quite well made I might say. So look closely and see if you can spot the difference, otherwise you might pass right over and miss a great whistle — albeit another escargot 🙂

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