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skeleton whistles

one of my favorite whistles is the skeleton whistle ?? Who named it that ?? Dunno… probably some silversmith, as they seem to be the oldest skeletons one finds. I mean silver and all….

One one big frustration is that they are soooooo small !!! Usually look like maybe they would be a simple fob or a tiny toy or maybe just a small decoration.

Perhaps originally designed for tiny womens fingers.

Then, after giving it much thought ( much too much no doubt ) It dawns on me…Oh, I get it !!! how would it work if it was very large ??

You see, to make it work one has to close the sides with ones fingers, as there are ordinarily no sides ( ergo skeleon, as it only has the main body )

And if it was bigger, say the equal to the larger size escargots , then one would have to have rather large fingers huh ?? You to know, to close the deal.

Guess that sels it. There are no large skeleton whistles… or are there ??

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