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slider whistles

I wonder how old slider whistles can get to be ?? I have seen them dating half way back into the 1800s. They seem pretty rustic too back then. Must be the diaphragm or what ever keeps the air from getting by or they would be much older. Can't be toooo much older, but I always have hope 🙂 

However the sound is interesting isn't it ?? In fact it isn't a whistle at all, but it does make a whistling sound, just variable. Apparently that is why they are more of a musical instrument than a 'whistle' per se.

Regardless, fun to say the least. Long too. Hard to put in the whistle case or whatever you store them in. But there are some that I just can't pass up and thereby is the dilemma ( def. — a choice between equally undesireable alternatives ) What do I do ??

I say we collect 'em !!!

Gotta be selective though. No new ones. Unfortunately, there are some nice ones in the 1920s, kinda new,  from different makers, but ….. argh !!! —– too bulky and well, you know, I am a purist at heart…… I'm torn….

That's the problem with this hobby. There are so many directions to go with I have to constantly patrol myself and throw out vectors to the direction I keep telling myself I want to go.

What to do, what to do…. know the feeling ???

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