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snails with tongues ??

whoda thunk ??? Yep, snails can have tongues !!! Just look up inside the mouthpiece of an escargot whistle and you will see it. Are you looking ?? OK then. Now you see a small plate that fits inside on the bottom side and curves down into the round air chamber. Know why that is there ?? Seems extra doesn't it ?? Well it is extra and for good reason.

It keeps the ball from jamming in there and helps to sustain that trilling noise when blown. But that isn't the reason we REALLY are gald for it is it ?? NOoooooo…. it is because they are all ( the tongues ) made so differently 🙂 And THAT helps identify manufacturers.

Oh, I know often we still don't know who made a particular whistle in the USA — because records are so difficult to unearth. But at least now you can group them into the same makers right ?? Half way there, sorta.

Just peek at the front of the whistle and say awwwww. Now compare and classify — good job !!! You are becoming an expert at a highly neglected area of whistle collecting —– the escargot. Swiftly becoming our favorite catagory:-)

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