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specious whistle

saw an escargot on eBay yesterday….

The interesting thing was that although it is new, it actually said on it Alfred DeCourcy — stamped right on it !!! Wow !! Who makes these ?????????? DeCourcy stopped making whistles almost a hundred years ago !!! So how does this happen ???

AND then I see another White Star Line round whistle that claims to be made by Auld, who also stopped making whistles a hundred years ago. Bought out by Hudson — why don't they speak up ???

Now, the first time I saw a round like this there was this flat out lying introduction about it coming from a pursor who collected nautical items and was letting go of his private collection and I even saw one sell for hundreds of dollars. Then I saw the same lies dwindle down in price over a couple years…..Now they are 15 dollars. Hmph…always WAS 15 dollars without the smoke screen.

Then there are those handmade 'antique' brass whistles that were fraudulently sold off as old when they were new and  handmade by the same maker !!! Yup, although different 'old' looking whistles sold off by different sellers they ALL had the same hand with the same watch holding them in the pictures. Smart enough to make some well crafted frauds, but not smart enough to unload them !!!

The point being ?? >>>>>>> watch out for fakes…..caveat emptor

or not…..


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