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SPOTLIGHT special editions

Well, I think we have found a rhythm…

SPOTLIGHTS every first of the month…

… and a SPOTLIGHT special edition on the 15th — half way through the month.

It was fun to throw in a few regular SPOTLIGHTS as bonuses, but in the long run we need to keep a slower pace and be consistent I would think.Lot's of research takes time !!!

So what is the difference in the two?? Glad you asked !!! 

SPOTLIGHTS should always delve into a whistle related subject at some depth. For example the latest on Richard Porteous was ground breaking and comprehensive. However a smaller subject like skeleton whistles was done and had a smaller scope but was a comprehensive range.All SPOTLIGHTS are set up to be added to.

SPOTLIGHT special editions  are even more focused. They deal specifically with singly known whistles. This being said, we are going to expand this to deal with whistles that were production whistles, but are rare enough that they deserve a magnified and therefor closer look at.

What is coming up this weekend ?? ANOTHER unveiling of something by Richard Porteous !!

Stay tuned….


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