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011 Lilly Long Mouth GSW (Special Edition)

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Any time highlighting a whistle when it has not been seen before, makes it hard to avoid words like remarkable and stunning. It just goes to show you that whistle makers in production of whistles or otherwise, did not always ‘follow the rules’ or stick to just an average look or design. Sometimes they went outside the box. This general service whistle matches very closely to Lilly – A manufacturer from the UK. However the mouthpiece is 35mm long. Not only that but you can see that a lot of thought went into the design of the mouthpiece – lending to actually gripping it with the lips.

This is really an unusual mouthpiece for any manufacturer, but to find it possibly made by Lilly is even more interesting.  Benjamin Lilly usually contracted out whistles to Ward or Yates. However, they did manufacture them too ( Gilchrist – More Whistles pg 77 )


After the extraordinary mouthpiece, we move on to the smaller loop they used and comparatively a shorter body. The stamped Lilly design on the body of the second GSW is the only one of two known to exist and this one is here at the Whistle Gallery reference collection. First picture (below)– the long mouthpiece . Paired pictures (below) – the stamped Lilly is on the left,  the long mouthpiece on the right. You can see that the loops match perfectly. We’ll see that matching up entirely is:

  1. Body length
  2. Body width
  3. Cast loop
  4. Top cap shape
  5. Rectangular extension to the partition passing through the center of the disc – both whistles ( see Collecting Police Whistles page 91-2 )


This would identify this most unusual whistle as made by B. Lilly and Sons circa 1870-80. The diaphragm would place it more towards 1890.We’ll take a moment to compare windows to which match very well to the known Lilly.

It’s always encouraging to see new whistles surface. Our desire is to bring them to you occasionally as special issues of singularly known whistles – well until another surfaces and proves that to some extent that it is actually a production whistle and not a lone ‘prototype’.


Posted April 5, 2013

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