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037 Barrall Round #2 (Special Edition)

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Presented here is the second Barrall round to date now known. Albeit it was found a while back, but due to delays in publishing we were not able to SPOTLIGHT it as early as it came to light.


What jumps out right away is the top ring of course. First of all it is rare to find a round whistle with a loop like a GSW or Police type whistle. Beyond that to find such a distinctive one that matches perfectly the original manufacturer is very helpful. That is what we find with the Barrall round matching his police type whistle body and top ring. So it would be a landmark round whistle or what we call a KEY whistle. A KEY whistle is one certainly identified. Then it can be used to identify others that were previously unidentified.

2 3-tops only

Looking at it sideways reveals the curvature of the mouthpiece.


And then the fipple interior which helps in further identifying other Barralls to come.


In conclusion we have examined a 2nd Barrall round unearthed beyond what is pictured in More Whistles.




Posted November 20, 2014

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