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As to the world of whistles, I have always hated being a stamp collector. Something about having fifty whistles or even a hundred,  that all look alike ( clones ), but with different stamps on them….just seems repetitive. Of course some LIVE for that. Gotta have every constabulary, every date, every distributor( well maybe that's pretty cool and all )

However, I gladly admit, there is a flip side to stamps that is a door of opportunity —- Makers names    🙂

Recently a Linegar ROUND whistle went for BIG dollars on eBay ( over 200gbp ) Even though damaged at the mouthpiece, it was pretty much intact. The real treat was in the stamped name on the side. Why you ask ?? Because Linegar didn't identify his whistles often enough to know which ones were his many times. So NOW more information is known. A dozen different types of whistles of his would be terrific to know about for obvious reasons !!!

Even so, more are emerging and the variety of a great whistle maker is better known now than years previous…..

Stamp collectors, you win this ROUND.

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