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teethers and rattles

what's a teether doing in this section ??

You know I really don't know !! For the record there are hundreds of teether and rattle whistle designs. Mostly silver. But seriously, who is going to blow the whistle ?? — The infant that is teething ?? Perhaps the nanny takes it away from the infant and blows the whistle to ???? Who ??? Sometimes there is no teether or rattle at all and that must be a nanny whistle ?? Again, who is the nanny calling ?? Perhaps it is the mother calling the father or nanny ??

Many times there are bells ( or rattles ) on the whistle/teether and I can see the entertainment there while chewing, if not the danger of choking on one of those small bells that came off,  as they usually did —  as many times they are for sale without some or all of the bells.

Then there is the actual chewing part — made of …..
( mother of pearl )
It would seem to me that if you ( the baby ) DID cut a tooth, wouldn't you run the risk of chipping your new tooth ?????????? I don't know.

Seems like a dangerous little item, but collectable they are  !! AND they many times have whistles, which brings them to our attention of course.

What is nice about them is that they are for the most part silver. So hallmarks were used on the older ones and that helps to date them and identify the maker. Some whistle collectors JUST collect  teether and rattle whistles. Perhaps there is a crossover to whistles from the overall catagory ??

Don't know that either.  



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