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do you text message or even instant message??

Many are adverse to it. You see that the 'younger crowd' is prolific at it. And you ask yourself — WHY ?? …. Not me, why should I.

The answer ??? >>>>> you can be socially connected without actually admitting to it !!!

Yah, you get a text message and then you decide when to reply. That control keeps you at a distance and yet,  in a conversation. Best of both worlds, huh ??  Oh, I know you already are at a distance,  ergo the electronic device. But let's take a closer look.

 Let's say you are at work and actually in the very next work booth, you could stand up and look face to face  — Why might you still text your friend ( it happens a LOT !! ) ?? Almost like a 'slinky toy' conversation 🙂 Streeeeettttch it or condense it – your call !!!

…..you gain  >>> time, distance, privacy, thought, control……wow, the advantages just goes on and on don't they ?? A LOT different than a phone call right ?? Or God forbid, a personal face to face visit !!! Really, quite a different animal altogether now isn't it ?? 

However  many times those texts are abbreviated messages. Instead of crafting those 'conversations',  till they are just right, explaning, clarifying them, attaching pix, they are condensed so as to get right to the point and can even be quipped toooo short by accident !!

One wonders what this has to do with whistles ?? Good question….emails

Do we hesitate to write to other collectors ?? Are we afraid to connect ?? Fear not, control is the key…..

If you really want to learn about whistles, ya gotta CONNECT….. even if it is with two cans and string.

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