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to bosun or not to bosun – crossovers

Boy, can those bosun whistles get spendy or what ?? Ya just don't see very many bargains on those do ya ??

So, a decision is calling out to me. Do I cross that bridge and get into them ?? True, they are whistles and we do look for whistles and…well, yeah every reason to do so.

However, there is that price tag. For the 'less to do'  ones like me and you,  it means a commitment of money to get to the good ones.

This seems to be the case with CROSSOVERS  doesn't it ??








Yeah, I think we all get the point. In the whistle realm there are all those CROSSOVER attachments, but of course, as they were made for their use !!! So, how serious is the whistle world ?? Not very much apparantly as we typically pay low 🙂


Perhaps one day we too will make the opposition shudder…

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