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travel time

time for a pilgrimage again. One more try in California for a whistle sale. Last time we bombed. After spending two days driving ( ten hours each way ) and doing it in a weekend, we netted a grand total of 300 dollars !!!

Not the way to make a living is it ?? Not even worth it for a hobby I might add. However it might be worth it for another reason….. Ground floor… starts at the bottom.

You see that starting from nothing has its drawbacks,— but ya gotta start there on a new hobby. Such a wonderful new hobby has to catch on and a little slow at first is acceptable losses one might surmise.

And that affects our growing collections too. Just might have to kiss a few toads before you get to the prince or princes, when buying whistles. Yeah, nobody likes to waste money, but there is a definite learning curve !!!

As one's taste improves, there is the inevitable culling and rotating out. Some for cheapness that irritates you, some just because you are getting your sea legs and your taste changes.

Looking back on my records I see that in the last 5 years whistles have across the board DOUBLED in prices.

That's a pretty good investment if you consider that this happened right through the recession !!!

NOW perhaps only making 300 dollars is not soooo bad AND is great advertising AND a profit to boot !! In fact we are thinking of going to Denver now for another antique ( and whistle ) show !!! Why not see where these little whistles will take us ??

interesting that in just two days of having a counter on the site we have had over 300 hits …..hmmmmmm….is that a whistle I heeeeeeear……

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