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tudor rose whistle

History has it that Henry Tudor united Lancaster and York whose heraldic symbols were white and red roses or was it red and white roses ?? Annnnnny way, the Tudor Rose became the heraldic emblem of England and eventually found its way on top of a Hudson round whistle. When did that first happen ?? Dunno. However in 1909 Hudson did patent a three point connection on the backplate under where your bottom lip goes when you blow it —–  of their round whistle design.

So we have a demarcation point don't we ?? Yup, we can thank patent 553.

The point ?? Well, Tudor Rose round whistles can be found with those interlocks and without. That dates them before and after. If we are looking at after they are stamped patent, then 1909 to 1922 is the window or circa, and later of course.

What if there are no interlocking tabs ( three ) ?? Using our great powers of deduction that would mean that it was made before 1909 !! However when did they start being made ?? Can't say. So to be safe how about circa 1900 ??

Just goes to show you how involved whistle collecting can be, I was examining some of these older ones tonight. Four to be exact.

First one is longer than the others by over an eigth of an inch. That would be miles in whistlespeak !! Interesting 🙂 The next three are the same length ( in case you are shooting ahead of me )…. Looking closer we note that the edge around the top is very smoooooth. Why is this important ?? Because all three others have milling. oooooooh variations !!! ( just a collectors thing is all ) Not only that, but the milling on the second and third is straight up milling and the fourth is reverse angled milling. Weird huh ?? Oh yeah !!! Now we're rolling !!! And we all thought that all Tudor rose rounds were alike !!!!!

I got to really looking now ( panting ) and you know, the inside fipples were three out of four different types !!! Wow !!! Then I turned the whistles sideways ( shaking with excitement by this time ) and the stopholes were different too !!!! ACH !!! Is this toooo much or what ???

Let's review and see….

1) different lengths
2) differnt millings
3) different fipples
4) differnent stopholes

Now I am looking for more variations and I haven't even looked on the other side of 1909 !!!

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