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two tube whistles

For a brief period there were some fantastic dual chamber whistles made. Heavy too. Brass. And constructed like battleships !!! Circa 1880 to 19oo ?? Not a very long period of time huh ?? 20 years is all, but WOW what a period that was !!!!

 Don't you wish they still made them like that ??? Alas, all good things must come to an end I suppose. And it does give us a special period of time to investigate, study and learn about.

It went by so quickly though. Perhaps about 20 years is all. Then the inevitable — cheaper ones came along.

However Ward, Barrall, DeCourcy, Lilly, Yates, Stevens? Even Hudson,  you know, all the BIG name whistle manufacturers in the UK got in on the action. Curious not seen outside the UK huh ??

Usually pure brass and thick metal tubes. The mouthpieces were in line and also very heavily made. I love 'em. But they are hard to come by.

Multichambered whistles can vary up to even 6 tubes. We see so many variations that perhaps these heavy walled ones get mixed in, but we think they deserve and extra moment of applause !!!!

Still, it is very curious we have only seen ones from that period and from the UK only…… hmmmmmm…. makes one wonder if…..

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