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updates in whistle terrorism

it’s on the internet so it must be true right ??

Came across a BUY IT NOW or best offer on eBay a few days ago. 4 whistles for 250 dollars. So we made an offer of 150 dollars. No big deal till we looked them up !!!

They turned out to be rare vinaigrettes ( see the Whistle Museum for more ) So we went back and hit the BIN button !!! Wow EACH one looked to be 250 dollars !!! Don’t know why nobody bought them, in fact someone else made an offer and was turned down.

So we paid up !! All was great !! Perhaps because they were listed as just -whistle lot- is all, that nobody noticed them.

Well except Avner Strauss. The seller tells us a couple days later that the Whistle Museum contacted her and that she was being taken advantage of. She promptly refunded the money and the whistles are going to ???

Don’t know. But with all the slanderous, lying statements being spewed out by Mr. Strauss we thought you should know.

Just the other day we popped on to eBay and a Simmons was there for 50gbp on a BUY IT NOW. Now we already had one, but not with a notched window so thought to upgrade it. Great find and nice to just see BINs on eBay even without asking.

However the self appointed judge and jury continues to accuse us of asking for BUY IT NOWs and stealing whistles. Why ??

Because he loves us all and wants us to all have whistles ??

Yeah, that’s why.

Guess from now on we will have to ask for permission from the Whistle Museum whether we may buy a whistle or not. For that matter whether we are allowed to keep it after buying one.

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