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FOOD for thought about variations… What constitutes a variation ?? How does it affect my collecting !!!



Take an escargot for instance, there are so many varaitions that we may not think about it, yet there you are !! On the other hand there are nuances to the different variations themselves that can be quite intriguing. I was just looking at two similar escargots. Both with the high back, flat knop developed by DeCourcy. One is clearly his and stamped so on it. The other the knop is taller and slightly different. Also it is stamped REGAL which may not be among his stamps, yet I have two now….. hmmmm….. perhaps somebody else used his design ?? Perhaps there is another maker to research I don't know about ??  On the other hand the construction is more primitive and could be an older one of his…. hmmmmm….. tasty huh ??


Another area of interest are all those police whistles, and especially those Metropolitans. You know, one through ad infinitum. Well anyway all that aside, let's start with an MP3 with cast top and mouthpiece. Perhaps you find one with a cast top and a possibly replaced 'rolled' mouthpiece. Might have been original or replaced while refurbishing — soon after it fell off !! OR the top and bottom have been replaced during an overhaul. OR it slipped by and wasn't stamped with numbers, enscribed down the back —either/or…. and now what would have been one whistle has become half a dozen and a micro study of that period of whistle making in the early 1880s. Delicious huh ??


TheN there are model varaitions from one to four sizes. Some collectors like to search for all of them to 'complete' their collections. Fun if not too revealing i guess. Almost have to have those catalogs to know, or perhaps the surprise when they come in the mail or find one at a boot sale that is smaller or better yet – JUMBO !!!! Big enough to take a bite out of !!!

well, thought you might be up for an afternoon snack. Now you can dip back into the refrigerator for a clsoer look at what you have been storing away.

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