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yup, finally back to writing — no really !!

We found a retail app for the website !!! Gotta wait till after the show in North Cailf. ( first of Dec.) though, as we will no doubt sell down a lot before I list any.

I am going thru all the pages now on the website — reinvigorated, updating comments and editing my poor spelling 🙁

I think I got ahead of myself on the SPOTLIGHTS and dropped back to create one on whistle PARTS. That should make it easier to discuss points to consider about the whistles in question each time on a new SPOTLIGHT.

Did a study for us all….Of the top dozen whistles we have found since July I thought to collate some figures for us. Quite encouraging I think ?? The average price for the dozen was 150 dollars. Not bad if you are into muscle cars or anything on that level for cost as a hobby !!! I saw two corkscrews go for 30,000 dollars this summer.

Of those whistles —- FOUR  are the only ones we know of in any collection. Some of the rarest whistles in the world. Amazing the possibilities of collecting whistles !!! We hope to share these on the website, as we go along in the SPOTLIGHTS. Of those 12 – half were bought on auction and clearly half were bought from direct offers to us from other sources. Why is that encouraging ?? We are not dependant on eBay. All four of the rarest were not offered on eBay !!! And affordable. Besides that nobody takes a cut off the top.

So widen out in your contacts and collecting places. Then write each other !!!  They are out there right under our noses…where they should be of course…



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