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Website Making Headway

took a few days off recovering from the show in No. Cal. It went well. Back to work though. Finally got to a couple pages been wanting to get to for the website. First, was a really longtime goal — to show collections from everywhere. Granted my main interest is metal whistles, but who knows what will come in for posting ?? I was surprised already all the different styles of displaying. Some not at all, but stored in mulitlevel baxes with pull out drawers. I guess the hardest part  is to keep from duplicating. I can only imagine Whistle Willie keeping track of 10,000 whistles !!! Also we set it up to start showing what we have sold here and there,  to help keep the site going. What do you call your mania ?? Antique whistles ?? Rare whistles ?? Can’t just say whistles because inevitably you get asked–you mean like railroad whistles ?? —  then there is hand whistles and that sounds morose …. off to write some more….

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