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whistle auctions

recently we received a few questions that perhaps you have been thinking about ??

"is there such a thing as a "retail" price for 'antique' whistles" ??

Great question Bob. However retail is quite subjective.…you asked several  questions though, and they are ones that never go away and even haunt you after your purchase. It is the battle of all collectors. Let’s deal with retail today.  In the end it is almost always price first to deal with.

Price  –  if one can afford it
Price  — if one feels that it is so important whistle that they reach for it anyway
Price  —  if one forgoes others to meet an overall personal budget
Price  — if it is an investment

I repeat,  retail is subjective. If it goes to an auction house like Christie’s or such it can go quite high, but does that set the retail price?? Hardly. If it sells off my website it will have a higher price on average because of my costs and expertise identifying the whistle, maker, etc. Also I have my costs involved maintaining the site. At an antique booth or boot sale in the UK one finds better prices.

Perhaps a seller on eBay or other on line auctions knows the rarity and won’t budge. For example a TANK acquired recently, established what I would call retail – for now anyway.

As always, SUPPLY  and  DEMAND  is always a huge factor !!!! Most people have little interest in whistles. But now move into an arena with a small cirle of collectors and the playing field has changed !!!!

I think that perhaps you are wondering if there is a relative value and the answer would be yes, ( with provisos ) I will try to give you a relative scale I find has developed over the years I have been trading within.

Common – up to 50 dollars
Scarce  —– up to 150 dollars
Rare ——– up to 300 dollars
V.Rare –—  up to 700 dollars
?? ———-  higher

So one needs to decide where the whistle falls and then the other factors set in that we will address next visit.

Still uneasy ?? Welcome to my world….


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