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whistle blog

when you punch in Porteous whistles you come up with an old blog of ours that asked some relavent questions about him, now known as Richard Porteous. We left it 'as is' and then added that the May SPOTLIGHT of 2013 answered most of the frustrating questions raised there.

That is the nice thing about the internet. One can make changes and update things easily for everyone to reference. When written in printed form they are hard to get back to of course to make needed corrections aren't they ??

On the other  hand ones can make guesses or outright assumptions — publish them on the internet and they get repeated over and over again because they are posted on the internet too. Not a great recipe for accurate information.

Errata like Porteous first appearing on whistles made by Stevens or saying that Porteous was an engineer or … well, it certainly is a far cry from well done research and credible resources. — you know — with recorded and verifiable bibliography.

It takes time, money and effort to PRINT — well reliably anyway….

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