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whistle blog

As the numbers keep climbing on the website, one wonders how many afficianados are out there ?? Are the hits from collectors or sellers ?? In which direction should the website go ?? You should have a say really. Otherwise we here are not helping at all and we do want to help the field grow.


Feel free to write in. To where ?? The commenting is disabled to to all the 'bots' spamming us. However you CAn go to Facebook and comment there !!! It's a back door that is in the front now  🙂  Cool huh ??

We have a list of to do things that are 5 deep right now for the site, but we can always add new ideas. Suggestions for SPOTLIGHTS  are also welcome and may be a fresh perspective from a newbie collectors point of view or from a veterans point of view.

Our specialized collecting may be too narrow for you and of no help !! We collect metal only and no tin ( mostly ) But there is a much bigger whistle world out there !!!

The long and short of it is that we write  from the school of hard knocks that we have experienced in the last five years of intense study and collecting. Beyond that we are always prying into new areas of research.

Perhaps there is insight you can pass on ??

Speak Your Mind

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