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a shot on the dark…

S.A.French was a supplier of milyary and police equipment prior to the 20th century. So it would seem that it would be a good shot when we came across a catalog dated 1887. — So we ordered it….

Yah, you would think that WOW!! I just found at least one whistle listed that would be revealing ?? NAH !!!!!!

Doesn't work that way at all. It's a shot in the dark really.

You see whatever was offerd at that time MAY be pictured OR be just listed. However other whistles that came later — even one year later are not to be found till you find THOSE catalogs !!! Argh !!!

So there goes another 15 dollars out the window. Why you ask ?? becaaaaaaause, all that was in that catalog was two BGI whistles and a Hudson Metropolitan from the UK.

Nothing about a rare and unusual escargot 🙂

Caveat emptor

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