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got an interesting escargot in yesterday. I just love it when I get some whistles in and I am after one particular whistle in the bunch, but right NEXT to the one I want is a surprise !!! — Did that yesterday 🙂 — Just a plain looking escargot– kinda generic in the picture… but too plain maybe  ?? So I open the package and here is this escargot and it strikes me as odd….It has a brass knop ( as the plating is worn off from age ) but the front looks like steeeeeel ooooo……hmmm….interesting….. Then I turn it sideways and yup, steeeeel ( as you might have guessed I have been getting enamored with steel lately ) There is some plating still on ( very annoying really ), but as I glance it once over now I see that the entire escargot is steel – minus the knop ( ratz !! ) WOW !! Whata find !!! So next I trot ( well, almost ) over to the reference collection and scour the wall for steel escargots….nope, none. well maybe a couple candidates that are plated too well to see better. BUT I have only noticed plated brass myself !!! Not something one thinks about alot I admit. But I have been thinking about it a LOT lately, obssesing really. Yet isn't that how we learn ?? I mean obssessng and all ?? Anyway back to the surprise. That plating is bugging me so I steal over towards the shop and turn the electric wire wheel on and strip off the plating left. And now it is enitrely cleaned up. not polished though, I hate that, but just enough to soak and clean a little with WD40 and it is ready. I get a steeeel chain and hook to attach and it is ready for the wall !!!! so much to talk about –this subject of steeeeeel, but with who ????? Is anybody even listening ????

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