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whistle chains too

….can't let go just yet of this chain thing in regard to whistles.

You know you never see copper chains from out side the USA do you ?? And even then gotta be careful !! — Why you ask ??

Cause they plated them with an oxidation that looks terrfically like copper !!! Beautiful, but not 'puuuuuure'  So one has to get out their magnet that one keeps handy their at their research desk and checks them out right ??? From the ring to the hook everything has to checkout 🙂

We find that Horstnmann used copper a lot, but there is another smaller obscure maker that used it too. Otherwise be careful !!!

Like whistles,  chains are plated regularly too. Raw and pure is the best though — no games, just the original beauty..

And a person has to decide what lengths are appropriate, because they come in different lengths aaaaand accompaning ring sizes.

Beyond that, if you get 'hung up' on them as we do, you have to figure out how to store and display those 'outfitted' whistles !!!! I have seen terrific displays with rows of whistles and nooooooo chains !!! Where did they go ??? Send 'em here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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