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whistle chains

…an area quite neglected in the whistle world is whistle chains. Why do you think ?? Perhaps because they are so easily replaced or added, exchanged at the owners whim ?? Perhaps like many whistles, they are just plain obscure !!!

There is a fine line between what constitutes a whistle chain too. For example earliest chains may date back to Boatswain whistles and may have been quite customized. Other very old attachments were likely cloth or strings.

Watches have for centuries had fobs and Ts with ornamental chains and we also see crossovers there used on whistles. Buyers choice right ?? Certainly.

However, chains were eventually made specifically for whistles by actual whistle manufacturers — including button hooks — and we see them done so and classified in Hudson catalogs and made as well by  DeCourcy — who came from Hudsons.

Check out the eBay auction sale going on of whistle chains from the whistle king himself —  Leif Bailey on eBay — 271158445630

Our absolute favorites are Dowler chains from the 1880s with heavy links made of pure nickle silver. We have 'outfitted' our favorite whistles with them 🙂

For the really eclectic you can even tell the difference in the hooks, how large the openings, how large the hooks are and the materials used, whether it is plated or 'pure'.

Brass chains, steel chains, copper chains — it gets quite complicated !!!  —- Whoda thunk ???

Then there is the subjet of 'jump' rings…..


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