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whistle condition

wouldn't it be grand if whistles were rated the same as coins ??

You know,uncirculated, extra fine, fine, good — all the way down to poor. It would make buying and selling them sooooo much easier !!! Wouldn't have to ask all the time — are there any hidden defects in the photos pleeeease ?? Bought one recently that was vracked and hidden in the pix.

Are there any scratches ??  Also got a B&R the other day that had no disc 🙁   I forgot to ask that simple question — does the whistle actually work !!!  —- Doesn't it make you wonder if the seller had his fingers crossed and was thinking " I hope he doesn't ask, I hope, I hope…. Really ?? Cheat someone for 10 dollars, where has integrity gone ?? On the other hand I have heard of buyers that buy a rare whistle, switch it and then return the crummier one !!! Got to admit it isn't always one way is it ??

So, once again I have shot off on a tangent. Back to my earlier tirade. whistle condition. Yup, it would be soooo much more sensible if all agreed to some guidelines. I have tried to explain it to a seller but it loses itself in the translation.

My favorite is the description that says…good shape considering its age. Yeah that really works for me. I go to buy an antique table and it is all scarred up and the seller says great condition for 75 years old !!! Just don't try writing a letter on it is all. How would that work with a muscle car from the 60s ?? Nice condition for its age. Yeah a few scratches and dents but hey, it is 50 years old. Now can I have my money please ??

I'd get off my soap box but it turned out that even though it was great for it's age it was broken and I fell off already…..

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