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whistle geography

Outside the box there are a LOT of whistles that come and go that get little attention. What do we mean by that ?? Good question.  A better question might be — where are the whistles ??

The big three get all the attention don't they ??


Why is that ?? Well, three books written in the UK — reason number one
Lots of whistles made in the USA back to mid 1900s
Very creative whistles were made in France back to the same time if not longer.

So a direct answer would be that the whistles are mainly there.

HOWEVER not ALL the whistles are there !!!

India has tons of whistles, if not mostly cheaply made.
China has a tremendous amount of whistles to be seen yet.
Argentina has been slow lately but has terrific whistles ( although many come from France and Germany !! )
Eastern European countries are starting to release some interseing ones now
Germany has fantastic whistles, but alas, many have been melted down 🙁

keep trolling and fish where the others don't go or look —  and your collection will really widen out !!!!


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