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whistle logos

been working on logos or trademarks a little lately. Not many whistle makers used them it seems.

Chase manufacturing used a CENTAUR

Dixon used a TRUMPET and  BANNER

Pringle used CROSSED AXES and W W

Stevens kinda danced around it with over labels that weren't over labeling anything.

Lilly used box with a corner turned straight up and then put B on top, then L & S below and lower B ( registered )

Linegar came close too with their name arched between a STAR and a CROWN

Hudson registered over 8 names, but no logo. Came close though with JHC on those ACME escargots.

G&JW Hawsley used a CARRIER PIGEON comeing down from above with a LETTER IN ITS BEAK.

Thomas Yates came close with a TY in a small box

John Barrall Almost with BARRALL BIRMINGHAM with an OVAL circling it.

Interestingly one doesn't have to actually register a trademark. It can be a common law thing.

Interesting subject huh ??




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