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whistle notes

well, I have deceded to go thru all my notes and collate them to one area. AND thought to drop you a note in the process.

Why talk about notes ?? Aren't the ones on the tags ( you USE them right ?? ) enough ???

Noooooo !!! Cause they are easy to neglect, here's a reminder. — Hard copies are great to peruse, soft ( computor ) copies are great for ease. BUT, they CAN get spread out huh ?? One large file for hard copies, perhaps catagorized for access can be cumbersome. The computer can be a little hard to navigate. So think this one out…..what works for you is all that is needed.  

However, I am going for totally organized in the computer and in one batch of files.

hard notes
soft notes
research notes

Even my notes have levels of notes in sub files. Sometimes to track down a detail it takes some hunting and ironically I actually have it here and can't find it !!!!!

So what is the point ?? Perhaps think ahead about how you want to access your notes–but above all, HAVE them to go to. Memory is always fading and tags can only hold so much right ??

1) manufacturer
2) where you got it
3) amount paid ( you will be surprised how often you look this one up !! )
4) providence
5) why dated when you dated it
6) What you called it and where you think it should be filed 🙂
7) repaired, refurbished ?? Damaged ??
8) model number and catalog reference from where you got that number.
9) listed in one of Martin's Books or even pictured there ??
10) internal components that are unsual ??

Thought I was kidding huh ??? There are reasons for keeping a lot of notes !!! >>> You can thank me later 🙂



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