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whistle notes

Going through our notes I ran across a somewhat forgotten release from 1997-98. Four releases to be exact. It was called Whistle Notes.

It had some very aggressive goals and fantastic research. Years ahead of its time I would think, considering all the interest in whistles nowadays 🙂

Inside the cover page was over 80 topics that were planned to be written about. And the intro as follows:

"The C.W.C.A. was formed in 1996 as a non-profit organization for collectors of calls and whistles worldwide. It was founded by James C. Fitch, James L Dundas, and Howard L. Harlan. The purpose and objectives of the organization are to further the awareness of whistle and call collecting and disseminate information on their identification, use, and origin to members."
The Call & Whistle Collectors Assocation

Just waiting for some pages from the first edition we were missing and they will all be posted thanks to permission from Jim Fitch. Credits will be posted too !!!


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