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whistle nuances

How many ways can the same whistle be produced ?? Several 🙂 Many !!!

Is it important ?? Naaaaaah. Yet isn't it ?? Wouldn't be fun if not for all the nuances…..

If one is collecting for the pure joy of it, then small differences make the world of it, don't ya think ??

Take for example the internal parts.They certainly can have different manufaturing changes. Then there are the shapes that may vary just enough. AND of course size variations.

Beyond that lettering changes, window cuts and sizes, ring changes. Oh, the list goes on and on.

Especially if changes occured consistently over years does it help in dating the whistles we line up in succession. Perhaps a change of ownership.

Maybe the materials that weree used on different models or different years.

One might have a large collection of the same whistle–this could go on forever !!!!!

That's what we pause to think about tonight. What if you could collect ten to fifteen different types of the same whistle — would it be worth the effort ?? Not sure but don't experts make a living doing that ???

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