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whistle patents

PATENT  is stamped on your whistle, so what does it mean. Well, beyond patent I mean of course…

To begin with it refers to something done to the whistle that the manufacturer is stating for everyone to take note of and that they filed for that patent. Nobody else should be using that technique — whatever it is !!

So lets say that a manufacturer makes a different kind of top ring and then patents it — so what ??

BIG what for us whistle geeks !!! Why so, you ask ?? Well, since you asked….

dating 🙂 Yup, you can now date that whistle very aptly. It may take a little extra effort to address what the patent applies to,   but after a little practice you will deduce it. Then you add in the length of the patent according to the time frame you are in and voila !! A window of production !!!!

Let's try it right now….. that'll help right ??

Say you find a metropolitan GSW ) general service whistle ( — they look just like police ones, but don't say the police force on them ) and on it you see it says PATENT…. For what you stop and think… then you look at the address, hmmmmm it says 13 Barr street. Now you say to yourself that Hudson was at that address from 1889 to 1908 give or take some months. The only patents issued to them during that period was a diaphragm patent — 1898 and a two piece top cap 1908. Then you notice that the top is one piece cast.

There you have it. The patent applies to the 1898 diaphragm and they were at that address for 10 more years so you have dated your UK whistle from 1898 to 1908 or within ten years. Pretty cool huh ?? 

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