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whistle peas

Let's get something straight. The pea inside your whistle does not make it whistle, well the sound of a whistle anyway.

Now, you might think that I am being a jerk, but seriously, do you really understand at all what makes a whistle whistle ?? It comes up a LOT……

For most of you it is a no brainer. It is all about the window and the angle of the air passing through. But regularly one gets a remark that there is no pea —- so the whistle may or may not work !!!

Sorta like saying that the car may not run, cause there ain't any raaaaaadio.

Or maybe my guitar may not work, because there are not strings — now wait, that actually MAKES SENSE !!!!

Now, there could have been a pea, or cork ball or wooden ball — even a little stone — BUT ALL DO THE SAME thing !!!!

What's that you ask ?? …… TRILL….. Yup, that's it !! The long unanswered secret to those little balls inside those whistles. —- little trillers all this time and we thought they were much more involved and needed.

Nah, you see you don't even need them to have the whistle work.

Just trilless without them…

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