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whistle picture pirating

harrrrr there she be, another whistle picture to steal !! Shiver me timbers — is it legal though ???

Well, using pix for ones personal use and review is one thing. But posting someone elses pictures without permission is a violation of copyright laws. In other words stealing what isn't yours to take or use. No different than what someone else has written. BUT you may say it is in the public domain !!! Not a correct application of that term unfortunately.

Harsh ?? Not really. Just fair play to the one who took the original picture(s). —– One can cruise the internet though and see pictures that have been pirated all the time.

Is it important ?? What are the draw backs ??

Some important information is hard to share if you can't copy and go over it together. But then again why should we be able to capitalize off somebody elses work ??

So some loss and some gain. In the end isn't it just plain a matter of honesty ?? —- One can always ask for permission right ?? OR even pay for it !!! Whoah !!!!

The important thing is to be careful not to take what isn't yours and use it for selfish profit now isn't it ??

It certainly makes it harder for us here at the Whistle Gallery when doing articles, but creating links is the answer for us. We can cross examine pictures and writing and just link over to another site–gives credit where it is deserved and accomplishes research too !!!



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