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whistle pictures

buying whistles over the net is great, but can really bite you if not careful. How is that you ask ??

PIX !! Pix !! Pix !!!

Can't really hold and try the whistle out — yah ?? Can't look inside of it either for the most part.

However, you can get those terrific digital pictures.:-)

Ironically we see a lot of whistles for sale with blurry pictures. Really goes against the nature of the whole thing doesn't it ?? We want a picture —  to see what we are buying,  but may only get a picture that is 75% clear.

That would amount to seeing 75% of the whistle wouldn't it ?? And yet it happens all the time but with a note that the seller couldn't take a good picture 'because of the camera' —– .FUNNY….

AND not your problem, UNNNNNLESS you buy it !!!

If you look no further and buy it anyway….. now it is gambling !!! And you really can't complain honestly can you, if the whistle has defects that are fuzzy in the picture 🙁

The answer ??

1) don't buy it !!!
2) ASK for clear pictures
3) roll the dice ( but be ready to eat it !! )

just some thoughts to mull over….

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