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whistle pictures

going along with clear pictures is another thought to remember– MORE !!!

What's wrong with asking for more pictures ?? Better angles and mooooooore of them.

In fact 360 degrees of them is best — it only takes ONE dent or scratch to ruin a whistle !!!!!!!!!!

Closeups really help, especially if you can see inside at all too 🙂

However some hold back from asking —- whyyyyyy ??

1) too much time spent with emails to bother with ??
2) might think that more pictures would be posted or sent out to others and a 'good one' get away or go into the  stratospheric price heaven ??
3) don't want to bother the seller
4) lazy
5) can't open attachments
6) Didn't know one could 🙂

If you buy from afar — pix are your best friends….

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