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whistle pictures

Now on the other hand taking pictures is just as important as looking at other peoples pix in the whistle world !!!

Digital cameras are not that expensive and even cell phones work good enough now. All you gotta do is patch them or even email them to your computer and your oiff and running !!!

Sounds tooooooo easy doesn't it ??

It is !!!!

Try it for fun with your cell phone. Take random whistle pictures and send them to your email on the computer and open them up and file them in a holding file. —- It is just good practice for anything !!!!

NEXT, start taking them in different light. Say for instance, in low light. Just practice that way and put them in your low light file.

NEXT take them in high-light and do the same.

Lastly take them with mixed lots of whistles — because dark and shiney don't mix well and the practice sessions bring that out.

voila….you are an accomplished cell phone picture taker !!!

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