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whistle pictures

…if a picture is worth a thousand words then I must have billions of words about whistles stored away !!! Now just think about that for a minute ( cause that's all I am writing for anyway )

That means when you are researching you can research your own treasure troves !!!

BUT you gotta save those pictures huh ?? Copy and paste—SAVE AS…. But more than that, what to do with them, where to put those pix ???

FILES of course. Just need to get ooooooorganized is all 🙂

So create some files and name them like beaufort and escargot etc. If you are OCD then you might create sub files inside those files. And if you are CDO ( same thing but alphabatized of course ) even more sub files.

The main thing would be to be able to find them again or they won't be much of an aid to your research.


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