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whistle poster

wanna know how to really save on whistles ??? Buy a poster !!! Then you will have a whole collection to look at and spend a fraction !!! Annnnnd  you can save pictures from the net all the time and they are free too !!! A whistle collector of fine pictures of whistles.

Ours took two years to get the lighting right !!! We used a skylight for over head day light. Then we used BOUNCE lighting and finalled it with direct lighting. Full spectrummmmm of course 🙂

Why all the trouble ?? Because when you put a dark whistle with age old patina next to a gold whistle that never tarnishes and next to THAT you put a nickle silver whistle that is slightly shiney….well the lighting becomes a nightmare to photograph !!

Add to that the shelves with little hooks hanging whistles under them and there you have very difficult shading issues.

You can see part of the poster on the home page of the website. The full one can be framed. We display it at the antique shows we sell at and nobody buys them — why you ask ?? Because it is soooo real looking that customers think that it is a real display of whistles !!! Very good renditon I must say. 30 dollars delivered anywhere in the states and 35 dollars anywhere else !!!

Just think, never have to spend another penny on a whistle and yet have a world class collection !!!! Shipped right away in a protective tube. Then all you have to do is frame it the way you want.

I would say that we were tooting our own horn, but that would just be innapropriate for our website don't ya think  ???

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