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whistle repairing

an unusual field of whistle collecting is the obscure pocket of broken and dented whistles that need repair. Why would someone repair a whistle ??

—– It just isn't the same dented or damaged is it ??


Some can be adjusted by hand. Some can be cleaned up and perhaps buffed. Gets the scratches out anyway. The difficulty comes with a polished whistle afterwards !!

Just note the seller on eBay trying to cash in on his pristine whistles and NONE are selling. However if they are very dented then you lose anyway. so why not try ??

Well, the reason is that they fall apart when unsoldered !!! Of course one can get pretty good at disassembling them and then putting them back together. Ya just have to have the motivation is all — kind of gutsy….

However, what if the whistle is very rare and you don't want to take a chance on losing it altogether ???

Well then, that's the rub isn't it ??

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