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whistle research

Doesn't it drive you absolutely crazy some of the statements made on the internet to sell whistles ??

Saw one the other day attesting to the fact that a certain whistle was made by Hudson from 1860s — Oh really ??????????????????????????

Hard for Joseph to do at the age of 12 don't you think ??

Besides that, the name The Acme wasn't registered till 1886 — making it another fau pa —–( just kidding — faux pas ) Annnnnnd then beyond that it was actually stamped PATENT which applied to the 1898 patented diaphragm.

Now the whistle is dated between 1898 and 1908.

However, what sells better ?? the circa 1900 whistle ( in reality ) OR ….

….. the 1860 whistle — making it the earliest Hudson known !!!!

Gotta love that confidence and bravado in the statements made on those auction sites. "researched this and…."

No wonder many hesitate to buy whistles on eBay !!!!!!


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