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whistle research

what are a few things almost as fun as collecting whistles ??


Going back through your own whistles and comparing them sometimes brings rewards as you reclassify what you 'thought' you had.


Well, what about collecting whistle pictures ?? True there are copyrights to consider. Can't legally or ethically take them and post them right ?? However there is personal use. And so there is another area of whistle study, not tooooo far from having the very whstles. Besides can't buy them all !!!!!


Of course the clarity and rotational views of each whistle matter a lot. It is all about likenesses and differences isn't it ?? Gotta see cleeeeearly don't ya think ??? Pixel counls, focus, size, color….

Next to pictures are books to read and reread and reread…. Martyn Gilchrist created a couple of the most rereadable books I have ever looked at.


Well, to be honest there is one more book that one might consider…


COLLECTING: AN UNRULY PASSION by Werner Muensterberger

Dare you to read it ???

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