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whistle research and articles

As whistles come in from around the world and more material becomes avaialble for articles the load becomes heavier and the pace slower !!

As of yet the goal is still to post a SPOTLIGHT highlighting a subject on whistles every month and  special edition focusing on one whistle posted on the 15th of every month. Albeit 10 days late as of today !!!

Belatedly will still do it 🙂

One would think that there would be no more to write about !!! In fact there is plenty and we are far ahead in articles and material, but it is the pictures ( cutting and cropping, and yes always some photoshopping of lint in the background !!! —  and posting that takes so much time and the arranging of the articles with pictures.

The miracle worker is Whitney who struggles with my stuff and then with the computor programs that are available — she does it all !!!

Thought you should know what it takes….

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