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whistle research

Unearthed some really great information lately. One tidbit will be posted under DeCourcy, another tidbit under Ward. ( SPOTLIGHTS )

You know every bit adds to the picture of whistle collecting. What is really a treat though is finding out who made a whistle that has been hanging around for perhaps years. It is almost as much fun as when it was first found. Like one would say "oh, now I know your name" !!!!

In thinking about identification…..

We can't get around it can we ?? Around what ??  Glad you asked >>>> CATALOGS, gotta have catalogs. Again, why ??
Cause in old whistle catalogs are the pictures with the model numbers 🙂 No brainer from there huh ??

The catch is that the older whistle makers are gone now and where are their catalogs to be found ?? For example, R.A.Walton. He left Hudsons where is was working as a foreman in 1898 to start his own whistle business … Universal Whistle Works. However he only lasted for 6 years. However, he did make a lot of whistles —- and he also put out a catalog c. 1901,  half way through his adventure. Now where does one find that catalog to examine today ?? Perhaps the library by his business when it was at 14 Hunters Road, Birmingham.

OR it could be stored at a museum by there. OR it could it be on microfish ??? Gotta be sooooome where ???? What a help that would be.

Perhaps even a collector has it and is hoarding it 🙂 Can't blame them for wanting to keep all that information for personal use. However the more we share the more we learn and grow.

Just some fodder for the soul…


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